The City of New Westminster has recently announced a new collective agreement with its employees, bringing in a host of changes to their working conditions and benefits.

This new agreement aims to provide a better work-life balance for employees while also ensuring that the financial sustainability of the city is maintained. Under the new deal, there will be a 4.5% wage increase over the coming three years, with a 1.5% increase occurring each year.

The agreement also includes several significant changes in health and wellness benefits. There will be an increase in medical coverage for mental health, dental, and prescription drugs. There will be enhanced wellness coverage for vision care, including laser eye surgery, and the use of $100 per year for employees to spend on paramedical services, such as physiotherapy and chiropractic.

Furthermore, the City of New Westminster has implemented some significant changes in their employment policy. There will be a new joint committee to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. There will be a new grievance process that will ensure more effective and timely resolution of disputes. Additionally, the employees will receive a paid leave of five days for health and wellness reasons.

The City of New Westminster has taken a huge step in developing a collective agreement that benefits both the employees and the city. With the changes to the wage increase and benefits, this new agreement will make the employees feel valued, which will lead to increased productivity and lower rates of absenteeism, ultimately benefiting the city.

As we have seen, the City of New Westminster has taken a top-down approach that ensures the employees` well-being will result in the city`s financial sustainability. The new collective agreement has set the bar for other cities to follow, ensuring that employees` needs are met with proper compensation, benefits, and a work-life balance.